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Why Choose Dr. Amber as My Run Coach?

Virtual Run Coaching is something that Dr. Amber holds dear to her heart. She personally saw the impact that having a running coach can have through working with one for 2 years. Now, she has been coaching athletes for over 2 years and enjoys it very much!!

So, what is Virtual Run Coaching?  Virtual Run Coaching helps hold you accountable for your training (even in the summer months). Run Coaching helps you navigate your training plan when something comes up in life such as an illness, injury, travel, etc. Run Coaching is also beneficial as it allows for a well rounded, specific and customized training plan that will have you seeing great results for race day or just overall enjoyment of running. 

Dr. Amber's goal for each run client is to ensure that the program is specific for their goals and needs. If this is something you have been searching for, sign up for a call to discuss your running goals with Dr. Amber. 

Value: $125/month Run Coaching Only

Value: $210/month Run Coaching and Runner Specific Strength Training

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