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Houston 2024 Recap

Congratulations to the Houston runners from the Performative PT and run coaching family!!


Heather completed her first ever 26.2!! Wahoooo!!

Tammy took 5 min and 40 seconds off her last full at Chicago. Sub 4 is only 25 seconds away!

Sharon completed her first full ever!!! Go lady!!

Eduardo used this as a training run for his 50 miler and despite being sick for 2 weeks during peak training ran at 4:21:26.

Dmitrii exceeded his goal of 3:45 with 3:42:55 and took off almost 17 minutes from last year!!

Half Marathon 

Melissa got her PR!!!!! Let me tell you the power of strength training exemplified here!! 2:04:58

Amanda used the half as prep for her first full in the Woodlands!!

Olga has made amazing progress with this training block!! For the first time ever she trained without pain and took 10 minutes off her time from last year.

Sagirah became the fastest runner with ataxia in the USA!! Congrats!! 2:15:43

Stephanie 1:52:53 is keeping her eye on the prize of a BQ coming up!!

Steve stuck to the game plan as we get ready for Cowtown full! Thanks for running slow 1:40:44!

Marcus had a blast during this half! Went in to have fun and no goal after life said let's just finish this! Way to go!

Congrats you guys!! Keep living that run life, one mile at a time!