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NEW Dynamic Warm Up Video!!

Dynamic Warm Up

Dynamic Warm Ups come in all shapes and sizes. Here are 5 options that you can include in your dynamic warm up. I typically encourage these movements prior to a threshold/tempo, interval or rep workout. Remember, you want the warm up to prepare your body for the demands of the activity/workout that is to come. 

(1) A Skip

(2) B Skip

(3) High Knees

(4) Butt Kicks

(5) Karaoke 

If you need any guidence on developing your dynamic warm up routine, please let me know. I will be creating a new video with activation exericses soon! 

Such A FUN Weekend!

Saturday was the 10K in Brenham, Texas that was put on by Blue Bell. The race course was changed this year as they added a 1/2 marathon. Therefore, there were quite a few more hills than in previous years. Thankfully, I had a good friend to run with and talk crap about the hills with. Also she listened to me singing "Calling Baton Rouge" by Garth Brooks as we ran past a guy with a speaker blaring the song. It was a great race culminating in ice cream at the end!

Sunday was a super fun 5K at St. Arnold's Brewery. I would recommend the Art Car 5K for sure. I teamed up with 25/8 Sports Med and also hung out with the Pasadena Running Club. Yes, you get beer after the race too. Although, at 9 am, my limit is 1 beer. Such a fun run, great people, fun looking cars and lots of dogs. Cheers to running both of these again in 2023.

Ever Wonder What You Look Like While Running?

This is the first of, hopefully many, pop up shops with 25/8 Sports Med. We will be taking a drone video of you from behind and then pop the video into a motion analysis program to provide you a 15 minute one on one discussion with a phyiscal therapist about what we see. 

Thank you to St. Arnolds for allowing us to use one of their parking lots! And who doesn't want to have a beer after you run? You get a beer token!! 

If you are interested in future dates, please sign up for the Performative PT Newsletter.

Keep living that run life, one mile at a time! 

Running Form...What does it tell us?

If you aren't sure if you are doing something weird while running, please reach out to me. I enjoy helping runners put the pieces together with their running, strength, training and the like to help them enjoy their running journey!

What Type of Runner are You? <= Youtube Video

Cheveron Marathon and Aramco 1/2 Marathon!

 What a fun and cold race?!! I was honored with an unexpected PR at this race. But the main thing of this race was watching my

 patients and clients succeed!

Coaching and treating runners is such an honor and I am so happy to be able to work with this population! It's been a busy week, so sorry for the delay in giving a shout out to some special ladies who ran the Cheveron 1/2 and Full this weekend!
One lady finished her first marathon before she turned the big 5-0 and told me that she did not have any pain during the race!! I am so proud of her perseverance during the training. One lady ran a 1/2 while dealing with an injury and was able to reach the finish line with the plan we came up with to help her get this race under her belt. She learned a lot dealing with this injury and it has made her stronger as a runner.One lady ran her second fastest 13.1 after having multiple challenges that limited training this block. Cheers to less "fun" stuff this next block. :-)One lady had a solid race and survived the cold weather. She is the most consistent of any runner I have worked with. One lady completed the half with almost exactly the same time I did despite dealing with an injury we just started treating. Great job!
I am so honored to work with these ladies in some form or fashion and I cannot wait to see what the next training block brings. Living that run life, one mile at a time. 

2 Upcoming Free Webinars!! 

Want to learn about runners with knee pain and what you can do about it? Check out the event on January 31, 2022. If you are curious about the Top 5 Training Tips for Runners, check out the event on Feburary 10, 2022. I look forward to seeing you there! 


Happy New Year! Hard to believe it is 2022. I am excited to announce a new location where I can meet you for Physical Therapy or One-On-One Runner Specific Strength Training. This location is within A Little Physio Clinic. The address is 1110 E NASA Pkwy Ste 100, Houston. If you are interested in a session with me, feel free to reach out. I look forward to chatting with you! Living that run life, one mile at a time.

October 2021-  

Finally!! The Wellness Release has come to life. I am so excited to announce program options that will fit your needs. This is geared toward athletes who are not injured currently and want to work toward sustainabilty. The options are in person and virutal and can range from hands on soft tissue techniques and dry needling to strength and mobility training. Please schedule a discovery call or email me if you are interested or have any questions! 

September 29, 2021: Chevron Houston Marathon's Kick Off Party was a hit!! Amber had the pleasure of attending this event and was able to run with friends, pick up some great swag and enjoy a beautiful Houston evening. Seeing the Houston running community coming together in larger and larger numbers means that life is getting somewhat back to normal. Cheers to the training season that is taking place RIGHT NOW! If you have a nagging injury that is keeping you from training to your full potential or if you have questions about how to train for your first race, please reach out! Happy running! 

August 17, 2021: Are you curious what the Run Coaching and Physical Therapy exercise videos look like? The one below is the ONLY one that I have made public to give you guys a sneak peek. If you are looking for a structured but flexible running and/or strength plan, reach out to me! Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only. Please consult with a PT or MD before starting an exercise program. (Follow the Performative PT You Tube Channel as well!!)

How can a mobile Physical Therapy session look for low back pain? This video shows a fast forwarded session. First, the therapist wants to get to know what you are feeling and what is aggravating your pain. Second, an assessment will be performed to find the cause of your pain and the associated movement dysfunction. Next, interventions (such as dry needling, manual/hands on therapy, manipulations) are performed to help with pain reduction, strength, control. Finally a re-test is performed to see if you symptoms are better with the interventions. This video is funny at the end because we find we have been doing this all the while an active wasp nest is feet away. Note to self, check for stinging bugs. If you are looking for a different type of Physical Therapy (PT) please reach out to me! Let's get you feeling better!

Concierge/Mobile PT (Physical Therapy) is the best way to receive treatment. Sessions are one-on-one at your home, gym, work place or even a park. The goal of each session is getting you back to reaching your goals. This can be through pain reduction or movement retraining. You do not have to see a doctor before getting physical therapy. As Doctors of Physical Therapy, clinicians are trained to screen you for anything that my require a visit to see a Medical Doctor. Amber is a Fellow in Sports and Manual Therapy, Board Certified in Orthopedics and Level 1 Dry Needling Certified. We off a free discovery call to discuss what difficulties you are having and ensure that Physical Therapy is the best option for you. Reach out today! www.performativephysicaltherapy.com Proudly serving Houston, Pasadena, Pearland, Seabrook, Kemah, League City, Texas City, Webster and Friendswood. (Other options available for those farther away.)

Awesome hip workshop at West End Running Club on Jun 15, 2021. Are you looking for a great workshop to bring to the runners you know? Give Amber a call! 713-412-7123 

Check out Instagram for the following series: @performativePT

Video 106: Dry Needling. This is a skilled service offered by Amber Lowe, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAMOPT through Performative Physical Therapy. Dry needling uses a solid needle to essentially cause a muscle reset. This can aid in pain reduction, improved muscle control and increased extensibility or flexibility. This video demonstrates the soleus and medial hamstring muscle groups. This is only to be performed by a skilled and trained professional.

Video 105: Eccentric training for gastroc and soleus muscles. This is important for conditions such as Achilles Tendinopathy and overall tibial or lower leg control with running or other dynamic activities. This video demonstrates a straight knee and bent knee version to target the two muscles that make up the Achilles complex. These can be performed on an elevated or level surface with or without arm support based on the level of the athlete. 

Video 104: Running analysis is key to ensuring efficiency and injury prevention. The following video is used to analyze why a collegiate runner may be experiencing Achilles pain at the outset of her mileage. 

Video 103: Squatting form can make or break if your workout is painful. This video provides a quick and easy tip to find an open packed position for your hip so that you can squat deeper and feel more comfortable. 

Video 102- Monitoring your heart rate as you get back to exercise due to COVID limitations. 

Video 101

Credit must be given for the following article: Gallas, J. Risk Factors for Low Back Pain in Recreational Distance Runners. Orthopedic Practice. 2020; volume 32 (# 2): 69-74. What did he find? Was it BMI? Was it miles run per day? Miles run per year? Core strength? Age? Take a look below for the answers. 

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