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Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy in Hutto at the Hutto Fitness Center

Physical Therapy for athletes and runners in Hutto, Round Rock, Austin, Taylor, Georgetown and Pflugerville, Texas. The treatment location is in Hutto, Texas at the Hutto Fitness Center. 

Houston Residents keep an eye out on social media for when I will be returning to Houston and have treatment times for you! 

Physical Therapy Evaluation 

Each evaluation is 60-90 minutes to ensure that a through assessment is completed. Following the assessment, treatment is initiated to include manual techniques, dry needling and specific exercises as indicated by the assessment. To complete the session, the home exercise program is updated on the PhysiApp for easy access on your phone. Dr. Amber likes to ensure that all questions are answered and the PT diagnosis is understood as well as the plan going forward. 

Value: $250

**** You can be evaluated and treated for up to three weeks without a physician's referral or script in Texas at this time. 

Performative Physical Therapy: Helix 3D Running Analysis 

You can add a 3D running analysis to your evaluation or treatment for only $100. 

Physical Therapy Treatments

The treatment sessions following the PT evaluation are 60 minutes in duration. These sessions will be based off of symptom presentation following the evaluation and include manual techniques, dry needling and specific exercise as needed. The home exercises will be updated. 

Value: $200

Wellness Visits

Wellness visits are 30-60 minutes in duration and are for those clients who are not dealing with pain, but want to make sure that their athletic performance is top notch. These are recommended on a bi-monthly or monthly basis.  Wellness sessions can include cupping and/or dry needling as well. These visits can be purchased in a package form for a discounted rate! Message Dr. Amber today for more information: 713-412-7123. 

Value One Time Package of 5
30 Minutes $100 $400
60 Minutes $200 $900

In Person Strength Training Sessions

Dr. Amber loves to be creative and create strength sessions for runners and non runners alike. Each In Person Strength session is 30-60 minutes at the Hutto Fitness Center. 

30 minutes $80
60 minutes $150

Free Phone Consultation

If you are wanting to determine if Performative Physical Therapy and Run Coaching is right for you, please set up a call with Dr. Amber by clicking request appointment and selecting "Discovery Call Run Coaching." This call selection is good for PT and Run Coaching. She will discuss with you what your current limitations are as well as your goals for physical therapy and running. Dr. Amber looks forward to hearing from you and helping you reach your goals. 

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