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Services for Runners in Hutto, the North Austin Area and Online

***NEW Starting February 6th: Physical Therapy for athletes and runners in Hutto, Round Rock, Austin, Taylor, Georgetown and Pflugerville, Texas. The treatment location is in Hutto, Texas at this time. 

Houston Residents keep an eye out on social media for when I will be returning to Houston and have treatment times for you! 

New Service Offered!! **Cupping**

Performative Physical Therapy is now offering cupping therapy in Hutto, Texas. Cupping therapy, cupping massage and cupping in Austin, Texas are synonymous words depending on the technique applied. This is a great soft tissue/muscle technique that allows for tissues to feel looser and move better. Cupping can be included in a PT or Performance session or provided in 30 minute visits just for cupping. Schedule an appointment today, by texting or calling Dr. Amber at 713-412-7123. The treatment location is currently in Hutto, Texas with some mobile (Dr. Amber comes to you) options. 

Free Phone Consultation

If you are wanting to determine if Performative Physical Therapy and Run Coaching is right for you, please set up a call with Dr. Amber by clicking this link and scrolling to the bottom. She will discuss with you what your current limitations are as well as your goals for physical therapy and running. Dr. Amber looks forward to hearing from you and helping you reach your goals. 

-- Please note that Dr. Amber also treats patients without running related injuries.

Physical Therapy Evaluation 

Each evaluation is 60-90 minutes to ensure that a through assessment is completed. Following the assessment, treatment is initiated to include manual techniques, dry needling and specific exercises as indicated by the assessment. To complete the session, the home exercise program is updated on the PhysiApp for easy access on your phone and a run plan, until the next session, is created on the VDOTO2 application. (If you already have a run coach, this may not be necessary.) Dr. Amber likes to ensure that all questions are answered and the PT diagnosis is understood as well as the plan going forward. 

**** You can be evaluated and treated for up to three weeks without a physician's referral or script in Texas at this time. 

Physical Therapy Treatments

The treatment sessions following the PT evaluation are 60 minutes in duration. These sessions will be based off of symptom presentation following the evaluation and include manual techniques, dry needling and specific exercise as needed. The home exercise and run plans will be updated as needed. 

Performance Visits

Performance visits are 60 minutes in duration and are for those clients who are not dealing with pain, but want to make sure that their running performance is top notch. 

Runner Readiness Assessments

Whether you are wanting to start running, have only been running a short time or have been running for years, the Runner Readiness Assessment takes a look at the whole body to determine what strength and mobility deficits might be present. A Running Analysis is also performed to see if changes in running form could make your running more economical. Theses assessments can last from 75-90 minutes and you will leave with a strength plan on the PhysiApp as well as a run plan for the next month on the VDOTO2 application. 

In Person Strength Training Sessions

Dr. Amber loves to be creative and create strength sessions for runners and non runners alike. Each In Person Strength session is 60 minutes. If your gym is okay with an external person coming in to guide you in a strength session, that could be an option as well. 

Dr. Amber even offers a session to instruct you on how to properly use your in home or gym equipment to ensure injury reduction and optimization of the workout. 

In Person Run Coaching

In Person Run Coaching is great for new runners and youth. Dr. Amber will meet you at a trail, track or other destination in order to go over running strategy and running form (great for Cross Country and Track), go over running drills specific to each runners needs, ensure beginning runners do not over do it and understand the importance of intervals with walk/jog. Discussions about hydration, fueling, clothing, footwear, etc can also be part of the in-person sessions. If applicable, Dr. Amber can also write you or your child a run plan to coincide with what was worked on in the in-person session. 

Virtual Run Coaching

Virtual Run Coaching is something that Dr. Amber holds dear to her heart. She personally saw the impact that having a running coach can have through working with one for 2 years. Now, she has been coaching athletes for over 2 years and enjoys it very much!!

So, what is Virtual Run Coaching? You can check out the Link Here for more info and succes stories, but it is more than that. Virtual Run Coaching helps hold you accountable for your training (even in the summer months). Run Coaching helps you navigate your training plan when something comes up in life such as an illness, injury, travel, etc. Run Coaching is also beneficial as it allows for a well rounded, specific and customized training plan that will have you seeing great results for race day or just overall enjoyment of running. 

Dr. Amber's goal for each run client is to ensure that the program is specific for their goals and needs. If this is something you have been searching for, sign up for a FREE Discovery Call- Run Coaching to discuss your running goals with Dr. Amber. 

Virtual Strength Training

This can be included with a run plan or can be separate if you are looking to be accountable, add variety or have a specific strength goal. Each virtual program is created in the PhysiApp so that you will have access anywhere you are. This application allows for accountability as there are boxes to check when the exercises are completed and Dr. Amber can track your progress on her end. There are also communication boxes to make notes for Dr. Amber as well. 

These strength programs can be runner specific or if you are not a runner, strength plans can also be created to meet your specific goals as well. 

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a great way to get a muscle re-set in order to reduce pain and improve tolerance to activity. Dr. Amber uses this as an adjunct intervention as she likes to determine the cause of why the muscle is "angry" to ensure that the problem does not arise in the future.

The dry needling approach utilized by Performative Physical therapy is based on trigger points and joint spinal segments. The needle is inserted into the appropriate area promoting relaxation and improved tissue texture, which then reduces pain.

***If you are afraid of needles, Dry Needling does not have to be performed during your sessions. Please advise Dr. Amber of any concerns you may have so that they can be addressed and you feel comfortable. 

15 and 30 minute appointment spots. 

Manual Therapy

After a thorough assessment, joint mobilizations and manipulations along with soft tissue/massage techniques are utilized to improve motion, muscle function and reduce pain.

Dr. Amber has a fellowship certification in Sports and Manual Therapy through the Insititute of Athlete Regeneration. She appreciates the hands on approach and the changes that can be made!

Running Analysis


There are TWO OPTIONS for a Running Analysis.

(1) If you sign up for RUN COACHING with Dr. Amber or are working with her as a patient, Dr. Amber will complete a running analysis for you. You will receive a report similar to the one on the left, but with more angles addressed. 

(2) Partnering with 25/8 Sports Med, for an additional cost, you can have a drone running analysis which allows for even overhead angles to be addressed. Check out 25/8 Drone Running Analysis For More Info! You will receive a full write up from all angles and have the option for a Zoom call to go over the results with Dr. Marcus or Dr. Amber. 

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