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Why do you run?

"To stay fit."

"To see my friends."

"To have some ME time"

"To lose weight."

"To train for my next race."

" love running!"

"Because I love food."

"I like to challenge myself."

"Because I'm crazy without it."

"I want a PR!"

"My friends started running and I didn't want to be left out."

"To get faster."

No matter what your reason for running or which reasons above motivate you to run, sometimes it's good to step back and remind yourself why you participate in this sport.

As summer is peaking its head around the corner, runs are going to get a little harder at first.

Remembering your foundational "WHY" can help you keep running and push you through some hard workouts

Also, if you have been training awhile or dealing with a lot of life stressors, you could but experiencing some burnout. Going back to your running "WHY" can help motivate you and remind you why you love or love/hate this sport!