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Squat Challenge for Runners

In light of the Runner’s Workshop: Squatting, It can tell us a LOT happening this weekend (July 23rd at 8am), I thought I would bring back the squat challenge. 

The goal is to have your toes up to the door/wall and hands on the wall while you squat down to the ground. As you can tell I have some things to work on, but that happens when you are rehabbing an injury. 

The Workshop this weekend is at Wild Pear Running in Pearland and is co hosted by Dr. Amber and Coach Jesse. We will be looking at each runner's squats and what it can tell us about hip mobility and strength, knee strength and ankle mobility. After the analysis, Dr. Amber will lead the group in exercises to address the most common deficits in runners. Fun raffle prizes will be given out at the end as well as a sneak peak into a running analysis by 258. 

Check for the link to sign up for free tickets, as spots are limited. We look forward to seeing you there. If you try the challenge, tag performativePT on social media so we can see how you do!

Keep living that run life, one mile at a time. 

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