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So, You Had a BAD Run?

Ever had a “Bad Run?”

I sure have. Whatever that definition means to you, these things happen as runners. For the most part, when a runner comments on their workout and says it was bad, it was because they couldn’t keep the pace, not finish the distance, had to walk or felt  pain during a run. 

Bear in mind that at times these instances will occur. Don’t let it get you down. There are quite a few factors that can go into a quote “bad run”. Factors can vary from stress, lack of sleep, fueling or hydration issues, strength training deficits, humidity, temperature, illness, overtraining, etc. 

Make sure to discuss with your coach to see if there is anything that needs to be addressed in your training plan. Things can be adjusted or you can get the encouragement that sometimes you have a “bad run” and the next run or race is going to be excellent! Trust your training! 

Keep Living that Run Life, One Mile at A Time! 

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