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Slow Down Runners

Summer Running!! 

It is summer time and that means that for the majority of us, the temperatures are going to start increasing. That means it is time to be smart about your training and understand why it is okay, but also expected that you slow down a bit as the temperatures increase. 

A study that was done to look at Marathon performance showed that at 75 degrees the performance reduced by 7% and at 85 degrees the performance reduced by 10%...and that does not even come close to the temperatures that people in Texas are feelling now. 

That being said, make sure to ease into your summer runs. Reduce your intensity and be okay with slowing down as your body adapts to the heat. Your body is undergoing changes to adapt, so trust that it will get there, but also be nice to your body and give it time to adjust. I will usually tell runners it is okay to reduce easy pace from 30 seconds to 1 minute as needed to maintain "comfort" while running in the heat. We will also limit quality or speed sessions initially so that your body has a chance to make the changes it needs to deal with the heat. 

I remember when I first learned this lesson. I was talking to my coach about how I was unable to finish the distances that just a few weeks prior had been so easy and smooth. I told her that my body just did not want to keep going after about half of the distance. She inquired if I was slowing down, and of course my answer was "no, why slow down? Isn't that going backward?" My coach graciously told me that it is okay to slow down and let your body adapt. Best advice for summer running I have received and I hope you respect it too! 

Keep living that run life, one mile at a time! More to come on this topic!