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Running Can Make You a Better Human Being

Let me ask you some questions…

Ever not want to get up early to start a run?

Ever want to quit in the middle of a run?

Ever want to run way too far on a run?

Ever want to run way faster than you should?

Ever skip your strength day?

This is a post about reflecting on your running and how it can show you things about yourself and life. The 5 words below correspond to the situations above. 

Commitment: Getting up early, making sure you have time to get in your workouts. Sometimes this takes accountability, but do what you need to do to be committed to running and what is important in your life.  

Determination: Workouts, like life, are not always easy. At times we have to learn to push through, challenge ourselves and grow both physically and mentally. Tough things in life will always be present. We have to challenge ourselves to grow, change, learn, compromise and continue to push forward.

Escape: Running is a great way to escape and can be therapeutic, but make sure to evaluate what you are running from and not just run away. 

Contentment: In the age of social media, it’s easy to get pulled into wanting likes and comments. Stick to your plan. The easy runs and easy paces are there for a physiological reason. Are you content with who you are when you are not running? 

Details: It’s the little things that can make a big difference. Lifting even 1 day a week can make a change. Consider what little things you may be missing in your life as well. The little things can add up to both culminations of greatness or failure depending on the context. 

Apparently, I was feeling deeply reflective today. I hope you guys glean something from this to encourage you to keep moving forward and challenge yourself, but also give yourself grace as a runner and human being.