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Run Houston UofH 10K

Medal Monday Means…

…Going back to yesterday and the UofH 10K. It started a bit wonky as my GPS took me to a parking lot that was not on the map provided by the race and I was going the wrong direction to the start line. Thankfully, some runners, also confused, helped each other and we found our way to the start line. 

I haven’t run a course like this one before as it allowed spectators to see you 4 times throughout the race. I’m glad that occured as one of my clients was running her first, organized race ever and it was great for her to see her family. (She did a great job btw). It was also fun to see friends, patients and clients along the race path. Good job surviving the heat and humidity yall!! Also, good to see Manny from the Pasadena-Texas Runners Club!! Thank you for the pictures! 

I like to have three goals for each race. One goal is a knock it out of the park goal, one goal is realistic based on training and one is what if everything goes to crap.  My first goal was a 9:00 min pace, second 10 min pace and third dropping to 5K. I found a middle ground and ran 9:23 and felt great. I’m excited for the Houston Warm Up ½ coming up to see how my endurance for the marathon is coming and to add in some more tempo and intervals. 

Anyone else ready for fall temps to come back?? I feel like the Houston Weather gave us a taste last week and then said “so, you thought you got out of the heat???” 

Thank you to the ladies who let me take the picture of their funny race shirts. :-) 

Keep living that run life, one mile at a time.