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Run Coaching/Race Planning Customized to Each Runner

Run Coaching/Race Planning Customized for Each Runner

Performative Physical Therapy and Dr. Amber Lowe seek to provide each run client with a customized training plan for their next goal or race. This means that training plans are written weekly in conjunction with a text message conversation with each runner every week. Typically, Dr. Amber sends out text messages/social media messages to each runner at 8am on Saturdays (CST). This allows her to plan the week around scheduling conflicts. Dr. Amber has received inquiries about how to modify a plan in a book or from an online purchase when life events arise and she wants to make sure that her clients know what to do and how to navigate scheduling conflicts with ease. 

Another aspect that Dr. Amber enjoys is working with runners of all levels. From those runners hoping to achieve a BQ (Boston Qualifier) to those runners who just want to start by running a mile without being out of breath, Dr. Amber wants to help each runner meet their goals! Some runners who have tested positive for COVID or are dealing with the changes that come from long COVID have been an interesting population to add to the mix. Dr. Amber at times has to take these runners down to walk/jog intervals or even walking for cardio, but the goal is to build back safely, smartly and to the tolerance of the athlete. 

If you have considered working with a coach, Dr. Amber is a great place to start. She will host a discovery call with you to discuss your running, medical, injury and race history. During the call you will also discuss current run status, frequency, pacing and mileage and finish up with discussing your upcoming running goals. Following this conversation, you will work with Dr. Amber to determine if the Run Plan or Run & Strength Plan is the best for you!

As, Dr. Amber says, "keep living that run life, one mile at a time." 

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