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» Run Coaching Deadline for January 15th Races!!
Run Coaching Deadline for January 15th Races!!

Only 3 Days Remain to Sign Up for Run Coaching Prior to the Houston races on January 15th!

Don’t miss out on two awesome training blocks to take your running to the next level! 

Are you concerned about staying consistent with training through the holidays?

Are you uncertain how to navigate the training cycle when you (or your kiddos) have a cold or flu?

Are you wanting to challenge yourself, but don’t want to go overboard?

If any of those questions ring true to you, sign up now! After Sunday, I will not be taking any more clients for the January 15th races. 

Why? Making proper changes in less than 2 months is very hard. Ensuring improvements in fitness and endurance in less than two months is almost impossible. Making sure that we, as a training team, have time to address fuel, hydration, training speeds, training consistency, training distances and the like is crucial for success and developing appropriate goals. My ideal world is 16 weeks, but I’m giving you guys one last chance to rock out 8 weeks! :-) 

Message Dr. Amber or sign up for a Discovery Call by Sunday, November 20th! 

Keep living that run life, one mile at a time!