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Physical Therapy For Runners--It's Racing Season

Physical Therapy for Runners in Houston!

At this time in the season, some runners have been training all summer for Fall Marathons/Races while some runners are starting up their training plan for 2023 races. Bear in mind that both of these situations can result in feeling new aches and pains. Make sure to address these aches and pains with Physical Therapy before they take you out of your training routine!

These aches and pains can range from knee pain, hip pain, heel pain, ankle pain and many more! Dr. Amber would be happy to help you work toward eliminating these barriers through Physical Therapy! Check out Treatment Options HERE!

Here is a quote from Dr. Amber: 

"Running with pain can cause you to change your running mechanics. If this is done so in a negative light, it can result in possible injury to other structures due to abnormal stresses. I have had multiple runners tell me lately, that in order to reduce the pain they modified their running mechanics by leaning to the opposite side or turning their foot out. Although these can help you be more comfortable in one part of your run, what is it doing to the rest of your body? Please make sure runners are aware that changing mechanics can also negatively modify running economy as well. Essentially, please seek a Physical Therapist in the Houston Area specifically trained to work with runners."

-- Dr. Amber, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT

Keep Living that Run Life, One Mile at a Time! 

(Multiple Treatment Locations Available.)