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» Overstriding Drills For Runners-Level 1
Overstriding Drills For Runners-Level 1

Overstriding Drills For Runners--Level 1

Overstriding in the NUMBER 1 running form error that I see as a running analyst. 

When a runner is overstriding, the foot lands too far in front of the center of mass. This can cause runners to loose efficiency when running and lead to an increased injury risk. The injuries that can result are diagnoses such as: shin splints, stress reactions, stress fractures, runners knee and many more. If you are dealing with any of these conditions in the Austin area, please reach out for Physical Therapy in Hutto, Texas with me! If you do not live in the Austin area, The Running Form Improvement Program is fully virtual and a great option for you. You can schedule a call with me to discuss either option using the blue Calendly button below. 

This drill is just the tip of the iceberg. It is starting to get your body used to putting your foot down closer to your center of mass. In the YouTube video I talk about 3 progressions to this Level 1 drill.