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Why Amber Is A Certified Run Coach

Helping runners reach their goals is one of my favorite things to do!

One of my favorite success stories was a client completing her first marathon. She had attempted training for a marathon in the past, but was injured and could not progress her training past 17 miles (so close). She had to stop training. (So sad!!) This client found me through Instagram and we started working towards her marathon goal. There were a few hiccups in the process with illness and aches (life happens), but she was able to complete her marathon without pain. (I was in tears with happiness for her after watching her cross the finish line.)

So, why did I become a Run Coach? I started Run Coaching in 2020 after taking an online class through the "Run Your Life Method" that taught Physical Therapists how to be good running clinicians and Run Coaches. After using that information for about two years, I thought it would be a good time to progress and widen my knowledge base. Therefore, I researched some of the credible options for Run Coach Certifications. USATF (US Track and Field) had an option, but I usually don't coach short distance. I found RRCA which had a certification specifically for Adult Distance Running Coaches. I was sold! 

This course was delivered virtually, and I learned quite a bit. I liked the review of the physiology. The "WHY" we do easy runs, tempo runs and strength training and how it pertains to performance. It was also great to see other options and training plan mentalities. I think the biggest take away from this course for me was the periodized training plans. I have really started to implement more specific training blocks with recovery time to help the athlete challenge themselves, but also appreciate the time for recovery and remodeling of their bodies to prepare for racing or whatever their goal may be. 

Run Coaching has been amazing in that I have met many runners from all over Texas through the virtual coaching options I provide. I am looking forward to working with more runners and seeing their running stories unfold.

If you have been looking for a coach who is ready to collaborate with you and create a plan specific to your goals that considers work, family, life events and the like, I am here for you. I also hold in high esteem that each runner is completing some form of strength training during the week. This can be through the platform I use virtually or in person or through an outside organization, but strength is a huge part of success with running! 

Keep living that run life, one mile at a time!