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New Announcements

Let’s get right to it!!--- You can watch the video here: Announcements Video

(1) The Running With Power Program is an excellent 12 week program dedicated to your specific run goals and focusing also on your strength training! (Most runners need accountability there and I’m here to help!)

*great program for Boston Prep

*great program if you don’t know what to do in training after your goal race

*great program if you are new to running 

*great program for returning from an injury

⭐️ ONLY 9 SPOTS!! Comment “power” below or DM me if you are interested in this awesome program!

(2) East Austin area runners, Performative Physical Therapy is coming your way! I do need a bit of help, do you guys know any gyms or clinics that are looking to rent out a treatment room? 

Also, I’d love to connect with docs and run clubs in the area so please reach out!

(Yes, I will still be treating in Houston, but fewer days.)

Keep living that run life, one mile at a time!