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Monday Motivation- Don't Give Up

Monday Motivation September 26, 2022-- Don't Give Up! 

It's GOO Time! Racing season is upon us and hopefully the cooler weather will stay around for awhile!

This is the time in the season where you are either:

(A) stepping to the start line to see how your training has prepared you for the race set before you

(B) or you are in the midst of increasing mileage or speed training to work toward your upcoming race goals. 

Either way, congrats on persevering through training in the summer! You did it! You did not give up! 

Now a new set of challenge approaches both physical and mental. 

On Race day you have to fight the mind set of: "did i prepare enough?" "am I fast enough?" "will I cramp up?" "will my leg start hurting at mile 9?" I want to encourage you to replace those thoughts with things you can control such as "I have put in the work!" "this is my day to give it all I've got" "I feel great right now" "I have a race strategy to carry me through whatever arises" "I'm confident I know what to do during this race."

Even a slight change in your mindset toward the race can make a huge difference! 

For those of you coming into the peak training miles for your races, especially for the first time, enjoy the challenge. Know that your body is changing and adapting with each training run to prepare you for the race day. Not all long runs and speed work outs will feel easy and some of them will feel flat out terrible, but remember you have another shot at them! Work with your coach to be able to replicate the speed work in the following weeks so you can see you can DO IT! 

Keep your head up runners, you've got this and remember DON'T GIVE UP! We have an amazing sport to participate in!


Keep living that run life, one mile at a time!! Looking for a certified run coach to help you and encourage you? Look not further! Check out RUN COACHING OPTIONS!