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Jenn-Running Success Story (Yes, two Jenns)


Exceeded Expectations. That’s what comes to mind when I think of this lady and all she has accomplished over the last few months. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, Jenn likes to push her boundaries and can deviate from the training plan at times, but she has shown some excellent success!

The first hurdle for Jenn was learning to slow down on some of her training runs. As I mentioned she likes to push hard and it took some time for her to appreciate that it is okay to go for an easy run. Her desire to push is what makes her great at racing, but by slowing down on some of her training runs it allowed her body to repair and be ready to go even faster and for longer on race day.  (49 minutes off a marathon time, I mean “WOW!”)

Expectations. Jenn has high goals for herself and her running and I love her passion for progress and competition! Before each race, we would discuss what her top 3 goals were for the race and compare to what I was thinking based on her training and previous race experience. She is one of my only athletes to exceed the majority of my top expectations for her. It goes to show that sometimes the numbers and math don’t show the whole picture. 

Jenn, I am so pumped to see what you do over the next few races planned. She is looking forward to a 50 miler for the first time and is rocking out being an Ambassador for the Bayou City Classic race. 

It’s an honor for me to coach such awesome runners! No matter your pace or goals, my job is to make sure you love to run, have a great training plan, work toward/meet your goals and continue to try new things. With a Physical Therapy background, I also prioritize working toward injury prevention and pain reduction. If you are curoius about what goals you can achieve, sign of up for a call with me. Performative Physical Therapy:Run Coaching

Keep living that run life, one mile at a time.