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Jenn- Running Success Story

Jenn had a goal to run a marathon before she turned 50. She attempted to reach this goal  but had to stop training due to pain. Therefore, with only one year left

 to reach her goal, she signed up for the Houston Marathon. She did not want to have the same outcome, so she reached out to me to guide her through training. 

Jenn is a busy mom who has her own business and homeschools her children. Making sure that the training program fit with her schedule as well as included strength and flexibility was paramount. 

Throughout training there were a few setbacks with illness and lower leg discomfort, but I wanted to encourage her that it is more important for your body to heal and recover from the illness than to push through with heavy training. Also, with the lower leg discomfort we met in person a couple of sessions for dry needling. 

Due to her dedication to training, her commitment to strength training and eating healthy, Jenn reached her goal of completing a marathon one week before her 50th birthday (and she did not have any pain)!!!!

It was an honor of mine to be able to see her after the race and experience her excitement as well as see her family’s support. Such an amazing experience! 

At the time of this post, Jenn and I ran the Austin 1/2 together last weekend. We had so much fun and tackled the hills! 

If you are interested in running your first marathon by age 30, 40, 50 or 60, click the link below to sign up for a call with me. Performative Physical Therapy:Run Coaching