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January 2024 Schedule

Appointments with Dr. Amber Lowe

Start January 2024 off right with physical therapy for runners! If you are dealing with an injury, don't put it off any longer! Dr. Amber spends one-on-one time with each client, every visit! As race season ramps up, it also important to consider your recovery. Wellness sessions are great for muscle and joint recovery post race. Dr. Amber recommends these sessions occur 3 days after the race and later so that your body goes through it's natural healing phases and changes post race. 

How to schedule: You can request an appointment online through the multiple links on the website or you can text Dr. Amber at 713-412-7123. Texting allows for more scheduling options. 

**The last week of January's schedule has not yet been pinned down yet, but will be updated when it is available.