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Global Running Day 2022

Global Running Day 2022!

It was a great time running with the Pasadena Texas Running Club! Look at the great turn out! I am thankful for Todd and Evie for running with me for over 4 miles. It was good to feel that my body is slowly getting back to normal after being sick. (Thank goodness!) There are plenty of other awesome people in this picutre. I bet I will have blogs including fun times with them soon!

I hope that you have a running group that you can get plugged into. It's a great opportunity to build community, have people to take pictures with, have a group to run with and even see these people at races and cheer them on. 

The second event of the evening was at Memorial City Centre put on by Lulu. Of course I was late and missed the run at this event, but still got to catch up with some other running friends. Brittani, Sagirah, Coach Scar, Marcus and Liliana to name a few. I learned more about HSCT for Multiple Sclerosis treatment and how this treatment is working to change lives and the logistics of it being utlized in the US. 

Keep living that run life, one mile at a time!