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» Calf Strengthening for Runners--Part 2
Calf Strengthening for Runners--Part 2

Calf Strengthening for Runners Part 2!

I didn’t talk at all for this Reel, so you guys get 4 exercises to add to your toolbox of strengthening exercises. :-)

  1. Eccentric Gastroc Heel Raises: This works the muscle in the way the most consistent with the demands of running. If you do these, do not over do the reps, keep it pretty chill. 
  2. Double Leg Hops: Adding in a little more power and explosiveness. Yes, runners need POWER! Control the knees from diving in together too much. Also, control the lowering, it should not sound/feel like an earthquake when your feet contact the ground.
  3. Eccentric Soleus Heel Raises: See reference to Eccentric Gastroc Heel Raises
  4. Seated Heel Raises: This is a great alternative if you have knee pain with the standing soleus heel raise. 

Remember this is all for education purposes and I admonish you to follow up with a trained professional before starting an exercise program. 

Keep living that run life, one mile at a time.