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» Calf Strengthening for Runners--- Part 1
Calf Strengthening for Runners--- Part 1

Calf Strengthening for Runners.

I intended to give you 3 exercises in this Reel, but I talked too much and ran out of time. Therefore, you get the two from this Reel and get to look forward to a part two where I can add in more. :-) 

The calf muscle is made up of the Gastroc and Soleus, both of which plantarflex your ankle which means that they essentially point your feet down. 

The Soleus is the most commonly forgotten calf muscle and is vital for runners. The goal of the soleus is to control the tibia/shin bone as we progress forward with our leg on the ground. If this muscle does not have control...extremes would be knee to the pavement or face to the pavement. 

Main Points: 

(1) Gastroc strengthening--keep knees straight and raise the heels.

(2) Soleus strengthening--keep knees bent and raise the heels. You can even do this sitting down with a weight on your thighs. Especially if your knees do not like the standing position. 

Treat these muscles with the respect they deserve and don’t forget your soleus! More to come!

Keep living that run life, one mile at a time. 

This is for educational purposes only. Please check with a licensed professional before starting an exercise program.