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Athlete Update

Performative Runners had an EPIC Weekend!!

Nate completed his first 50 Miler at Chupacabra this weekend with a 4th place finish and a time of 9:15:32!! Great job out there! We are beyond grateful that the rain did not turn this event into a mud bath! Thank you to Bryce for being a good pit crew and pacer for Nate!

Rachel ran the Pear Run 10k in Pearland, Texas and captured a 13 minute PR on the distance! I am so proud of her willingness to learn, but also her desire to help other runners along their journey as well!!

One athlete did not get to complete her 5K this weekend due to the weather, but Olga has races on deck that we are ready to work towards!

The Sunshine Run was Sunday and I participated myself in this fun event. This was the first race I have seen a dog 5K and yall…10/10 recommend! Anyway…

Bridgid ran the Sunshine 10K as well and captured a 9 second PR!! We ran this event together and had a blast cheering on runners, dodging dogs and kids and getting passed by a dog that I will not mention the breed lol! So proud of Bridgid and her strong mindset to rock out this race! GOOOOOOO!!!

Bobby completed the Sunshine 10K as well on Sunday. This was the first 10K without walk breaks! Wahoooo! He obtained a 4 minute PR over the Cap 10k and got down to almost a 6:00 pace at the end to bring the race home!

Jesse, we still don't have official times when I checked today, but I know this was close to if not better than your PR for the 10K that you obtained DURING the 3M ½. Yall, Jess smiles the entire race and it is amazing! I know that the guy you ran with towards the end also appreciates your help and comradery! Way to go! Update: He did PR!!!