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» All About Feet For Runners: Exercise Edition
All About Feet For Runners: Exercise Edition

The Plantar Fascia has a bad reputation. Reason being: the times we usually think about it is when it HURTS!! Plantar fasciopathy used to be called plantar fasciitis. The reason it changed is because scientists found that there WERE NOT inflammatory cells in the area, but actually degeneration. That can sound scary, but essentially it means that tissue was overworked and that it led to its breakdown. 

Our goal as Running Physical Therapists is to make sure that we address what the weak link in the foot and ankle complex is, in order to reduce the stress on the plantar fascia. Sometimes PT’s even have to take a look into the knee and hip as these areas can lend to dysfunction down the chain. 

This is a condition that is best treated early on. The longer you wait to seek help, the longer it is going to take to feel better. And we know as runners, we HATE to stop running. So get this checked out sooner than later, okay?

This video will show some basic exercises to work on the foot and ankle specifically, but please note that these exercises are not the end all be all. Make sure to reach out to a medical professional if you feel pain with these activities or are dealing with an underlying pathology.

This video is for educational purposes only! Please reach out to a medical professional before starting any exercise program.