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3D Running Analysis in Houston

3D Running Analysis in Houston and Austin, Texas!

What a successful weekend helping runners get better in Houston! I took the Run DNA system on a field trip this past weekend. 

I am so excited to see the progress that each runner makes over the next 6-8 weeks before their follow up running analysis. Now, in an ideal world, I would see runners again in 4 weeks, but with travel to Houston required for these athletes, it typically becomes every 6-8 weeks before a follow up. That being said, if you are a runner in the Austin area, I am located in Hutto and can see you more frequently. :-)

This past weekend, the most common running form error that was encountered was the Overstrider Collapser. This is a condition that involves poor control of the hip/pelvis, knee and ankle. With correction, this movement dysfunction can be reduced and subsequently reduce stress on the tissue surrounding the hip/pelvis, knee and ankle joint. More to come on this condition soon!

To schedule your 3D Running Analysis in Austin or your 3D Running Analysis in Houston, please reach out to me at 713-412-7123. You can also request an appointment directly on the website as well! 

Next Date for Houston: July 27, 2024. Location TBD.

Check out this Short Video on YouTube: What's a 3D Running Analysis Look Like??

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